Five Top (Enduring) Interior Trends SS 2015: Grey

Grey continues to be the most fashionable paint colour of the moment and it’s easy to see why.  It is such a flattering colour for the home and provides a neutral backdrop whilst injecting character into a room.  Grey walls work in both modern and traditional homes, for example on this panelled wall from Little Greene Paint Company:

It works well in city townhouses, where it feels smart and sophisticated. Almost every room in my period house has been grey for about 7 years now, yet it still feels trendy but timeless.  I really love grey walls in country or coastal homes too.  This is photographer Paul Massey‘s bolthole in Cornwall, where he has used one of my favourite greys, Cornforth White by Farrow and Ball:Grey injects instant serenity and calm to a space, especially when used with other neutral colours.  It also looks amazing with black and white furniture and accessories, a bit like an old black and white photograph. Personally, though, I love it when used as a backdrop to bright colours like yellow, pink, blue and red.  It works well with orange too on this modern moodboard in a geometric theme, with a faceted mirror from very:

There is a grey for every room; Try a blueish-grey in a south-facing room, or a warmer one in a north-facing space.  It can be used to enhance any room in your house; I promise you will love it.

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