Five Top (Enduring) Interior Trends SS 2015: Adding Personality

So here’s my top trend no. 5.  Gone are the days when we all want our houses to look neutral and bare and, well, a bit boring.  It’s great to live in a house than feels unique and special to us, and it’s fab to fill our home with the things we love and show who we are.

So, you’re an animal lover, and you like a bit of humour.  These quirky wall lights from Hurn and Hurn are bound to make you smile:

Perhaps you love fashion and have plenty of shoes, bags and clothes that you adore.  You can use your favourite stuff to personalise your house!  Try displaying a favourite dress on a hook on your bedroom walls, or put your beautiful shoes on open shelving to create an unusual focal point.  Handbag mad? Display them all and you can enjoy looking at them every day:

Image from pinterest

Maybe you love to travel, or wish you could live on a beach 24/7.  You can display your travel souvenirs around your home under glass cloches or on display shelves.  And why not transform your bedroom into an oasis? It’s your personal space, for you and nobody else.  I love this colourful bedroom featured in Livingetc magazine, where every day must feel like a holiday:

It’s not even necessary to go out and buy new things.  We all have a family heirloom or two lurking in the loft which hold great memories for us.  It can be fun to build a decorating scheme around them, so dust them off and display them.  They will make your house feel individual and fun. Pub mirrors are a great example of the kind of weird stuff we inherit off our parents!  It looks great here with the bookcase wallpaper and bright yellow chair:

Living etc

I hope you have enjoyed my five top trends for SS 2015 and you have lots of fun decorating and personalising your house.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need some advice on your home, I’m happy to help with any decorating dilemmas! Caroline x

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