My favourite decorating trend for S/S 2016: Black + White + Colour

One of the biggest spring/summer 2016 fashions on the catwalk right now is the use of black and white, with just one accessory in a bright colour.

It could be turquoise shoes with a black and white suit, or a black and white dress with a quirky pink bag, but it’s bright and bold and I love it!  Black and white is sophisticated but simple and an really easy look to achieve. Catwalk fashion trends are certainly a big influence on interior style, and after last year’s obsession with all things grey, black and white interiors are a subtly different way forward in 2016.

Take, for example, this recent project in Cheshire.  The walls are still neutral, in white or grey, but the use of black gives the room more definition and drama.  Importantly though there is a single bold turquoise colour, so the room feels “grown up” and vibrant too.

The kitchen is also black and white, with red.  Red is a great colour for a kitchen as it stimulates the appetite, but it can be a tricky colour to get right.  The great thing about using black and white as a starting point is you can then add the bright colour slowly piece by piece until you are happy with the look. Easy!

And then if one day you get fed up with that particular colour, it’s reasonably simple to change. Remove the colourful accessories and add some new ones, just as you do with your handbag or shoes.  No room can ever be “timeless,” but black and white will never really go out of fashion and it’s my absolutely favourite interior look right now. Go on, give it a try… x


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