Chalkboard paint ideas – painting furniture

Here I’ve used chalkboard paint (sometimes called blackboard paint) on a 1970’s melamine headboard, bought for £10 from Oxfam! Here are some of the FAQs I get asked when using this kind of paint:

Why did you choose blackboard paint, not black satin paint?
Chalkboard paint gives a really matt finish, dried quickly and has a low odour.
How do you apply it?
I use a primer first (in this case a multi-surface one).  Just one coat of primer was enough.  Then I applied the paint (chalkboard paint from B&Q with a small roller to get a smoother finish.  It needed two coats.
Where can you use this paint?
I’ve used it on walls, doors and furniture, it’s great!  Black is a big trend in 2015 as it goes so well with the other top trend – grey walls.

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