Entry with AudioFive Top (Enduring) Interior Trends SS 2015 #1: Dark walls

Who likes redecorating their entire house every year?? Not me! So here are my top interior decoration “trends” for Spring/Summer 2015 that will actually look good for the next few years…


#1 Dark walls.

It may seem odd to suggest painting dark colours on the wall with spring and summer around the corner.  However this look is very popular at the moment as it instantly makes homes feel more moody and elegant.  The trick is to add bright pops of colour on the sofas, walls and accessories.  Light floors and plenty of white also help to keep the look balanced, not heavy.  Dark walls play a clever trick on the eye:  Rather than reducing the size of the room, dark colours blur the boundaries, making the room look larger.  And beautiful.

Cushion from Rockett St George.


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